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Blister engineering






Orthopedic blister
Blister for implant

Complete packaging engineering for dental and orthopaedic implants including their instruments processes



Hagmann consultancy


In the choice of material
Jointly we‘ll find the best solution to
pack and protect your products


  • Proposition of different materials

  • Optimal sealing contour

  • Position of the piece in the blister

  • Optimal sealing lid

  • Optimal ergonomy

  • Construction propositions

  • Layouts as 3D -PDF




Blister from cleanroom ISO7

The blister layout

The layout is created on the basis of 3D models or parts

  • Max. blister size 760 x 420 mm

  • Individual blister in sheet form

  • Sealing rim, 3 -12 mm

  • Determining the number of cavities

  • Position of the part in the blister

  • Space for marking / identification

  • Perforations

  • For annual volumes of up to300,000 of one single part



Ideas for the design
Must suit the purpose, be safe and look attractive

  • Clear and unambiguous thanks to printing, marking, engraving

  • Appealing packaging product

  • Intuitive removal of the part




Ideas for the function
What is the function of the blister?

  • Hygiene, clean room, sterile / non-sterile

  • Integrated instructions / directions

  • Type of cover opening

  • Total content of the blister

  • Stackability of the blister



Ideas for the ergonomics
Handling is of utmost importance in medical

  • Functional stability

  • Gripping distances per instrument or for manua removal

  • Specified end-packaging



Blister prototypes / 3D models
Proposal to client / corrections by client (3D PDF or sample blister)

  • Sample prototypes with 3D rapid prototyping

  • Client inputs and corrections

Thermoforming tool
Thermoforming mould
Thermoforming tool
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