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Our range of equipment and services for your packaging needs - all out of one hand


  • Heat-sealing machines for blisters and bags

  • Blister punching machines

  • Sealing and punching tools

  • Documentation with DQ, IQ, OQ, qualification

  • Packaging engineering

  • Custom blister production

  • Production of thermoforming dies

  • Service



Our tray sealer and blister punching machines are reliable, of solid mechanical and electrical execution and accordingly stable in their value. All parts are corrosion-resistant or of stainless steel. Our machines are built in conformity with CE standards and can be qualified according to GAMP5. They are manufactured on the basis of our specifications to meet the requirements and wishes of the customer.




Blister packaging solutions

A complete packaging engineering consists of:

Optimized blister design (ergonomics and logistics)


  • Appropriate punching, thermoforming and heat-sealing tools

  • Sealing and punching machines suitable for validation

  • Standardized blister production process

With comprehensive consultancy and competent…
            …engineering to the optimal MedTech blister
1) HAGMANN consultancy
  • In the choice of material
  • Jointly we‘ll find the best solution to pack and protect your  products
2) Feasibility studies
We work out different solutions for your products as regards ergonomics and space requirement
  • Rough concept with variants
  • Cost calculation for the planned series sizes
  • The client‘s 3D data are taken over, e.g. STEP, etc.
3) Optimized solutions
  • Different materials are proposed
  • Optimal seal contours
  • Positioning of the parts
  • Cover with tear-open tag
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • Design proposals
  • Blister design proposal in 3D PDF
4) We offer you
  • Packaging engineering
  • Blisters and covers
  • Sealing and blister-punching machines
  • Dies and tools
  • Washing machines for automatic cleaning
5) Blister engineering
  • Close cooperation with the customer
  • Cooperation in establishing the blister specification
  • Detail design work
6) Manufacture of dies and tools
  • Own production of dies for new blisters in cleanroom ISO 7 (10'000)
  • Definition of the number of cavities
  • Functional vacuum-forming dies
  • Establishing the parameters for the vacuum-forming dies
7) Custom production of blisters
  • Design of vacuum-forming dies and sealing tools
  • Design of punching tools
  • Production of blisters
  • Punching of sealing covers
  • Printing of sealing covers
8) Qualification / validation
  • Validated blister production with PQ
  • Consultancy for settings and optimization of validation processes
  • For your end-products
  • DQ, IQ, OQ for the machines
  • PQ for custom production of the blisters

9) Service
  • Careful commissioning with operator instruction, if necessary at Hagmann
  • Technical support on the phone or on the spot
  • Calibration / maintenance / overhauls
  • Spare-parts service, usually from the service vehicle
Hagmann Tec Ltd is certified according to:
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 13485:2003
Our client industries
  • Medical engineering
  • Dental engineering
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Clock and watch industry
  • Foodstuffs
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hospitals and laboratories
Clean room blister
Medical blister
Cleanroom ISO7
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