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about us

Who are we?


HAGMANN is a family-run public limited company and was founded in 1982. Our current workforce consists of approx. 50 employees.


First-class Hagmann products allow our customers to maintain highly productive and successful in the market. This is possible with a motivated and well trained team who continually is improving and acts customer oriented.


  • Manufacturers of implants and medical products of all kinds

  • Manufacturers of surgical instruments

  • Manufacturers of dental products of all kind

  • Pharmaceutical production respectively Research

  • Laboratory operations

  • Hospitals

  • Watch Industry

  • Health establishments of food production

  • Major suppliers: departments who provide fresh products (e.g. deli, meat, fish)

  • Administration


The existing customer base will be maintained and be cared for with impeccable service and customer care. We will win more customers through direct contacts.


The existing customer base in the contract manufacturing and manufacture of mechanical and electromechanical components are to be maintained and supplied with the proper products. We want to acquire new customers in our targeted range of services


We want:

  • to preserve existing market shares and acquire new ones, through innovative and high quality products and work in Switzerland and abroad.

  • to occur distinctively especially through quality, but also through innovation.

  • to aim for a friendly and competent work environment.

  • to strive for safe and future-oriented jobs.

  • to remain independent from other companies or banks

  • to therefore aim for a consolidated growth.


We manufacture high quality, qualifiable heat sealing machines for medicinal products, foodstuffs and general products. We also offer sealing tools with the respective seal strips made out of specially developed silicon profiles, blisters and thermoforming tools.


In addition we have a huge pool of experience in the manufacture and assembly of components with mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components. The best-equipped CNC metal-cutting machines, with vertical and horizontal machining centers, manufacture milled parts for prototypes, small batch and duplicate part production.


Inspection takes place with all the necessary measuring equipment, incl. a CNC measuring machine for the documentation of quality



Our Philosophy


The foundation of our business activity is:

  • Integrity: We honor our promises and we deliver on exact day

  • Respect: We believe that the customer is the most important person in our business and should be treated with the utmost respect. This also applies to suppliers and business partners.

  • Responsibility: We conduct our business by always act safely, professionally, with ethics and compliance with all laws with a highest level of cooperation, support and respect for our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

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