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Heat sealing machine qualified

Power Packer


qualifizierbar nach GAMP5


The POWER PACKER and POWER PACKER XL are modern, high-capacity heat-sealing machines
which offer highest operator convenience. They are designed for use in the clean room.
All parameters are accurately closed-loop-controlled. This ensures that the
MEDIMAT/MULTIMATIC seals and welds your packaging products hermetically
tight with the precut sealing covers or foils.



The special advantages


  • Rapid die change, absolutely simple cleaning of the sealing plate and therefore increased hygiene, also thanks to the sealing head which can be turned by 90°.

  • Easy saving of programs: up to 50 records can be saved with alphanumeric identification.

  • Perfect contact between heating and sealing plate thanks to the engaging fastening system with Helicoil thread inserts in the heating plate.

  • The machine is particularly suitable for use in the clean room.

  • All surfaces are protected or made from stainless, ground steel sheet, i.e. very easy to clean.

  • At option working from the foil reel (series XL only)


Validated tray sealing machine

Power Packer 2311

Power Packer 711 XL

Qualified tray sealer
Clean room packaging
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