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Planung und Beratung für Ihre Komplettlösung


Design, construction and performance for all pharmaceutical needs



The washing and drying solutions for the pharmaceutical field are precisely addressed to the critical/validated cleaning, disinfection and drying of components used in manufacturing drugs:

  • Glassware

  • Filling line components and tools

  • Tubing, TC fittings

  • Valve and pump bodies, filter housings

  • Reactor vessels and diverse equipment

  • Bulk containers, tanks and carboys


The pharma machines are available as single door or pass-through double door version with the purpose of satisfying the layout and workflow needs and are all provided with sliding doors to reduce the size and assure an easy and safe access to the machine during the loading and unloading procedures. Our standard pharma machines range from 0.35 to 7 m volumes for normal washing requirements while for special demands we can manufacture customized washing chambers following the customer needs.



Your need is unique


Our machines are developed to face the most challenging applications. As many of the applications are unique, we are prepared to offer loading baskets and transport systems made to measure. For normal applications we offer a wide range of standard accessories.


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