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Unsere kleinste Siegelmaschine


The special advantages


The FOLIOMAT is the smallest heat-sealing machine on the market which can be validated. It is a
modern, high-capacity heat-sealing machine offering highest operator convenience. All parameters of
relevance to the quality are accurately open and closed-loop-controlled.
This ensures that the FOLIOMAT seals and welds your packaging products hermetically tight with the
precut sealing covers.
The FOLIOMAT is a table-top model, ready for connection to a 230V plug sockets.



  • Convenient programming in the dialogue with the touch screen.

  • Easy saving of programs: Up to 20 records can be saved.¸ The process data are displayed.

  • Perfect contact between heating and sealing plate.

  • All surfaces are protected or made from stainless, ground steel sheet, i.e. very easy to clean.

  • The sliding carriage is precisely guided and runs easily.




329 mm

559 mm

352 mm

ca. 35 Kg

270x270 mm

max. 95 mm






4-12 kN

1.0-5.0 sec

up to160° C

230 VPNE 50-60Hz max. 2000W





• Width: 

• Depth: 

• Height: 

• Weight:

• Sealing area: 

• Tray depth: 


Technical details


• Control:

• Sealing time:

• Sealing temperature: 

• Electrical connection: 



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