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Clean room ISO 7




Validierbare Siegelmaschine für Beutel aus Mono- und Verbundfolien


The absolutely fastest bag sealing machine on the market which can be validated.
Small product lot sizes are often a difficult problem in the context of automation and efficient packaging.
Our Hagmann COBRA appliance permits you to achieve up to 50 cycles per minute depending on the
expertise of the operating personnel.


The special advantages


  • Use in the clean room

  • The three parameters temperature, force and time can be validated

  • For bag of mono or composite foils

  • All surfaces are protected or made from stainless, ground steel sheet, i.e. easy to clean.

  • Touch-screen for easy operation

  • Data transfer to external computer

  • With barcode reader


Qualified bag sealer


Technical details


• Sealing force:         

• Sealing time:             

• Sealing temperature:  

• Control:       

• Electrical connection: 






500-2000 N

0.5-3.0 Sek.

up to170° C

ABB AC 500

230 VPNE, 50-60 Hz





• Width: 

• Depth: 

• Height: 

• Weight:

• Sealing seam: 





380 mm

440 mm

600 mm

ca. 50 Kg

210 mm long,

2.5 - 9 mm wide




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